Jun 20, 2014

Happy Belated Blog Anniversary!

Since Mike put the shutters up, I’ve been waiting for the flowers (astilbe) to bloom so I could take an updated photo of the front of the house when it’s at its prettiest. This year thanks to the late spring, all of the plants are blooming late. Finally I was finally able to take an updated shot for June anniversaries of the house and blog. So happy belated anniversary to the blog! It’s been four years, I can’t believe it.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane shall we? The front of the house alone has come such a long way in 4 years. Of course the new shutters make the biggest impact, but it's also the little things like landscaping and porch updates that have really added to the curb appeal over time. A nice light fixture, bushes that fill out and compliment the space, a pretty tree, a contrasting front door. Even the addition of wooden fencing (on the left of the photos) and the removal of the chain link (on the right of the first photo) make a huge difference.






It's amazing how far something can come in 4 years. I am proud to own this house!

Last year for our anniversary I did a whole updated house tour, and I’m hoping to do another one soon, but this spring has just been too busy. Granted we haven’t made any huge changes lately, but there some nice new details like new artwork up (the gallery wall on the stairs, kitchen, half bath, dining room), the last radiator covers, etc. New photos are on my to-do list...

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