Jun 16, 2014

Kitchen Set Reveal

The Kitchen Set was finished just in time for Oliver’s birthday. I am so proud of how this came out. I love the family history of this piece and I am so happy that I was able to successfully clean it up and modernize it for a new generation. It works great with and without the fridge I bought from the Far Hills Rummage Sale too (and the fridge came with a big box of plastic play food hidden inside!).

I’m glad I left everything a nice clean white for now and kept it neutral, we can always add more color later. I love the way the tile looks on the counter, I’m thrilled with the sink and faucet. The sink faucet swivels left and right like a real sink faucet and the handle knob goes up and down. Oliver's already pretending to fill up the tea kettle with water.

Next to the sink is a kitchen towel rack (complete with its own mini kitchen towel of course!) made from drawer pull.  On the other side is a hook to hang the oven mitt. The cabinet knob on the front door makes me really happy. I just freehanded the design but I think it looks like something from Anthropologie (but only cost me $1). Plus it’s more special since it’s my artistic contribution to the piece.

The oven door opens vertically with the big handle. The knobs are the original cabinet knobs, I spray painted them back to silver and added a stripe to make it look more like an oven knob. I put a clear coat of spray paint on top to help prevent chipping. They spin and turn easily, Oliver loves to turn on the oven and burners with them.

The stove burners look really good on the counter I think, and I love that they are easily removeable for other activities.

The teapot, the toy calaphalon pots and pans, the cooking utensils, dishes and plastic play food came from the Far Hills Rummage Sale. The mini french ovens are actually real cast iron rescued from a trash pile, so if he breaks them it’s no real loss (and they are so small I have NO clue what we’d make in them for real). The mini latte bowls are from Anthropologie, the play apples we already had and the felt food in the fridge is from Ikea.

For now everything is set up in the playroom, but they are blocking the radiator. In the Fall we'll have to relocate everything, but for now it's a prime place to play. Oliver LOVES his new kitchen! We might have a future chef in the family...

(And yes he wears a fedora to cook, doesn't everybody?!)


  1. This came out so amazing! I love it! Your little boy is a lucky duck (and so cute in his fedora!)!!!!!!


  3. My heart is oozing with joy. So, so, so glad that he loves it!

  4. This came out amahhhhhzing, even I'm jealous!!! Great job!