Jun 5, 2014

Kitchen Set Sink & Faucet Installation

Once we were done tiling and painting, I could finally do the kitchen set fixtures. Installing the sink was really easy. I put a nice fat bead of caulk under the bowl's rim, then stuck it in the pre-cut hole and pushed it down a little bit to make sure it was in place.

The faucet itself was a little trickier. It’s actually a piece of PVC pipe, a sink trap! We actually just caulked the connector piece directly to the tile with a lot of caulk on the inside and thin bead around the outside. Later, when the caulk was completely dry I could just screw the “faucet” part into the fitting.

The faucet handle was also really easy - I drilled a hole in the counter where the missing tile was for the screw and then threaded it threw into the handle piece.

I am really excited about how close we are to the finish line. All that's left are the details - the stove burners, the oven door, the hardware. I'd also like to waterproof the bottom to save the notes. We'll definitely make our birthday deadline!

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