Jun 10, 2014


I meant to share this weeks ago, but I’ve been so wrapped up with the yard and kitchen set. For mother’s day, Oliver and Mike gave me a big, beautiful potted orchid. It’s so gorgeous and really thoughtful. Obviously I love plants and flowers, but I’ve never treated myself to one.

I’ve also always been a little afraid of them because they are pricey compared to other plants - killing an orchid is a lot worse than killing something I picked up at Ikea for $3.

This particular kind though is supposed to be hearty and easier to care for. Right now it’s in our living room, but I’m not sure where I will keep it long term. I want it in a high traffic area where I will see it every day so I won’t kill it. I lost 2 houseplants over the winter from neglect so my track record isn’t very good at the moment.

It’s so beautiful though, I’m totally in love with it. If anyone has any good orchid-care advice, please share! All I know is to not over-water it and keep it away from direct sunlight.

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