Jun 11, 2014

Kitchen Set: Final Details

The details are my favorite part of the whole kitchen set. I’m wrapping things up just in time for Oliver’s birthday. I’ll be sharing the final photos Monday!

The oven door window has been sprayed silver with spray paint and then I made horizontal lines across it with a silver marker and a ruler for added effect.

The oven door was installed with hinges underneath and I put the latches back in place. While the cabinet was on its side I also waterproofed the bottom to save the notes my great grandfather wrote. The handles, knobs, hooks and towel bar were also installed.

I hand painted the cabinet door knob too. We bought an unfinished wood knob and I painted it aqua, then started freehanding a design on there. Here it is halfway done, I’m going to save the finished product for the big reveal... Stay tuned for Monday!

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