Jul 16, 2014

July Yardwork Progress

It’s mid-July and I’m still not done with all my garden bed mulching. It’s a little pathetic. I don’t know how people get it all done, I really don’t. The only good news is that I finally got all of the most critical areas done. I finally got around the shrubs and the rest of the trees (including the surviving little river birches in the back), the blueberry bushes and tackled ⅔ of the hedgerow of thujas along the side fence (the parts that the neighbors can see at least). It looks much better and is no longer a nagging thorn in my side.

I still have to widen the garden beds and mulch around the astilbe and lilies… but I think those are less of priority. I widened the rest of this very long garden bed by quite a bit this year and I’ll get to these last two sections eventually… but for now they are fine. If Mike hits either of these with a weedwhacker or lawn mower its not the end of the world. And I’ll get to the rest of the thujas soon enough too. Maybe when it’s a little less hot outside?

At least my efforts in other places have kept the weeds from growing out of control. We still get weeds, but it’s only the most aggressive ones (crabgrass, milk weed, violets, etc.) and they are spread out enough I can usually just pick them out in passing.

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