Jul 17, 2014

New Butterfly Bush

So… the mailbox garden. We are eager to start, but we’re still waiting. Like most municipalities, our town never starts construction projects on time. They sent us a letter stating that street construction would start 10 days ago, and we haven’t seen any sort of truck or equipment yet. They spray painted X's on some trees down the street trees and that's it. I’m more eager than ever to get our street repaved and have new curbing put in because we have our first shrub for the new mailbox garden.

It’s a butterfly bush! It will be the perfect base for the garden to add height and interest (and attract butterflies!). We have some other plants in the backyard that we’ll add as well (autumn joy sedum, echinacea), but we’ll have to add a few more things too. Maybe some bulbs in the fall.

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