Jul 23, 2014

Reorganized Closet

It’s not really fair for me to just show you pictures of my closet post-organization... But I’m too ashamed to show you pictures of how bad it was before. It was bad. The pile of shoes on the floor was so high, new shoes would just roll down the hill and block the doors from closing. There were bags everywhere. Piles of clothes on piles of bags on piles of shoes. A pile of scarves cascading down the shelving, draped over more bags.

I put off reorganizing the closet in anticipation of the new dresser. Why bother until I knew what I had to work with? For example, I used to have to store my jeans on the upper shelf and every time I wanted to take a pair down, a whole pile would fall on me. Now all my jeans fit in a dresser drawer sized for adult clothes. It’s a good day.

To whip my closet back into shape, I also did a massive clean out. When I swapped dressers I pared down the drawers into the usual donate or rag piles. I went through every hanging piece, every drawer, every basket, every box, every shelf. I was ruthless with old shoes (donate or garbage!) and spineless with bags (they totally went into a tub in the attic). I got rid of a lot of stuff.

And it was totally worth it. The dresser isn’t over-stuffed. The hanging clothes have room to breathe again. The floor is clear, the shelves aren’t stuffed to the brim. And the closet doors still look amazing with the color wheel knobs...


  1. Good for you! I did that last winter and it felt so good! My sister has trouble parting with things and her method is, she puts stuff in bags in the basement for awhile. Then when she feels ready (i.e., doesn't miss any of it), she donates them.

    1. Oooh I really like your sister's method, I should try that on my next clean out! I have a hard time letting things go too so I find the process so intimidating. I always feel better after, but it's hard to start!

  2. Colour wheel knobs! I love it, please tell us where you got these.