Jul 22, 2014

Trash Can Shed

Wiley raccoons + a plethora of Walmart gift cards = splurge on a trash can shed!

Now we get to be one of the few elite houses on the block without garbage strewn across the driveway in the morning. Not that I don’t enjoy picking up mussel shells stinking in the hot summer sun of course. Our best tactic against the raccoons have been dirty diapers on top (seriously!) but since we rely heavily on cloth still, we don’t always have a bunch at the ready. Also our town has strict regulations on garbage can size and style, we aren’t allowed to get the kind with the fancy locking mechanisms. Old or new, the local raccoons are pros at getting the lids off the cans.

We’ve wanted to get a trash can storage shed for a while. The cans are ugly and they stink in the summer. I don’t like Ollie playing near them in the backyard, I don’t like it when you can see them from the street. I don’t want to attract animals into the garage and honestly the garage is too far away to be practical. The raccoons pushed us over the edge when we had walmart giftcards to burn. Mike put it together over the weekend - with Oliver's help of course.

It’s much bigger than we thought. The good news is that it holds way more than we thought it would. The bad news is that it takes up a lot more space on the driveway than we planned.

We tried it against the gate, but we didn’t like the way it looked blocking the wood. The contrast was too stark.

While we lose parking room on the driveway if we put it against the house, it looks better. It’s also a lot more practical for throwing out the trash being next to the side door. Hooray for hidden cans and trash-free mornings! Take that raccoons!

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