Aug 7, 2014

The Garage Disaster

I mentioned on Monday, I have 3 projects we really need to tackle in the second half of summer. They aren’t necessarily exciting, but they are important. Our driveway can’t survive another brutal winter without another coat of sealant - and sealant needs warm weather. I’m eager to put in our mailbox garden as soon as the street construction is finally done. And lastly - the garage disaster. It’s become impossible to do anything in there. Here’s the before:

I’m certainly embarrassed by it. We can’t walk in there, it’s hard to find and store things. Even though we had tons of snow this winter, we couldn’t find Oliver’s sled until spring. There’s some gardening equipment lost in there I haven’t been able to locate. It’s almost impossible for Mike to get his bike in and out. We’re out of space for Oliver’s toys for no reason.

We have shelving to organizes things, and it’s time to get rid of more junk. Now that we have the garbage can shed, getting rid of stuff will be easier than ever. We can just bag things up and stack them in the storage shed, out of sight and out of Oliver’s reach until trash day. No more excuses!

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