Aug 6, 2014

New Master Color?

I could also title this post “poorly executed mockups in Photoshop.”
Ever since I got a new dresser, hung new art and messed up the paint in the room, we've been thinking about repainting. And with repainting comes the possibility paint colors. Do we just repaint the walls our beloved Palladian Blue? Or do we try something new? Salisbury Green?

Guildford Green?

Weston Flax?

Anyone have any opinions? I think the yellow would be very cheerful, the greens soothing. And I still really love the blue.  After figuring this out, we just have to do some crown molding. And maybe think about that shelf we proposed previously...


  1. I vote for blue or green with that dark brown shelf!

  2. Green or yellow! Time for a change! ~J

  3. I would just leave it palladian blue unless you're sick of it. We have that color in our kitchen and it's the perfect blue - had to beat!