Sep 22, 2014

Cape Cod Vacation

For the past two weeks we've actually been on vacation in Cape Cod again. We went to the same place as last year. It was gorgeous. Beautiful weather, spectacular beaches, so much to do. We had the best time!

We were so relaxed, there's nothing like two weeks away from regular life. Then we came home. Suddenly there were a million loads of laundry, endless bags to unpack, so many errands to run (like needing groceries!). Georgia in her old age struggled with being boarded (even if it was a ridiculous doggy inn/day spa that cost more than a human hotel) and we've had to work to get her better. And then Oliver woke up sick with a fever and had to go to the doctor, the poor baby has been too sick to go to daycare (which isn't easy for 2 working parents who just took 2 weeks vacation to juggle).

I'm not complaining, but I'm just explaining the cause of my upcoming absence. I have a million photos from our vacation I want to organize and some fun things that I'd like to share, but I'm just a little overwhelmed! I have to take a little break to catch up on everything we've missed over the two weeks, get our life (and then all those photos!) organized, and then start thinking about some house projects again. Posting might be a little spotty in the meantime.

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