Sep 18, 2014

Fall To-Do List

It's really starting to feel like Fall around here. The weather is cool, the leaves are starting to change (is it just me or is this happening earlier than usual around here?). It's really time to figure out what we need to get done and what we want to get done before winter.

  1. Planting the mailbox garden. This is the top priority once the street is finished. I've been waiting to do this all summer and Fall is really the best time to transplant things, so I want to do this as soon as possible!
  2. Finish cleaning out the garage. It doesn't have to be perfect but we need more usable space and more storage room in there to hold all our stuff for winter. If we clean it out enough we might even be able to use it as a work space in the winter... 
  3. Kitchen shelving. Remember phase 2 of the kitchen shelving project with the radiator cover? We still want to do it. It's really hard to cut boards in the snow, so it would be really nice to get this done before it's snowing.
  4. Fall yard cleanup. All the usual stuff - pull up dead plants, clean up the beds, turn the compost pile in the back. Pull up the garden (1/2 done), cover it with black plastic. Dig up the delicate bulbs and store them for winter. Put everything in the yard away for winter before it snows.
  5. The Attic. We never did get around to adding railing or lighting up there, last Fall nor in the Spring. I'd really like to try to finish this off if we can squeeze it in before it gets too cold.

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  1. Fall is coming a bit early and in the east coast, while it looks like summer is having an extended visit in the west coast. Weather aside, I think fall cleaning is pretty much in order. I'm not much of a spring cleaner myself, but I'm all abuzz when it comes to fall. Anyways, that list is really great. Maybe I should pattern my own after yours. Thanks for sharing that! Happy cleaning!

    German Zollinger @ Total Clean