Sep 3, 2014

Planning the Mailbox Garden

While the new curbing hasn't been installed on our street yet, we are eagerly anticipating the construction being over. Currently it's spotty and very slow. In the meantime we are planning the mailbox garden because we have to get a few things in before it's too late in the year. Plus our new mailbox will look so much nicer with a pretty garden around it.

Here's the plan:

The new mailbox is in the bottom left corner of our lot and I want to do a curved bed around it. Directly behind the mailbox and back a little bit I want to do the butterfly bush for height and interest. At the base I want to do the shortest plants, the echinacea and the two autumn joy sedums I ordered last spring and temporarily planted out back.  In the mid-tier, the anenome I have in back is now so large we can dig up a big piece of it and bring it up front, along with one of my many oversized hostas. Lastly I'd also like to add a native butterfly bush, called butterfly weed, which is on my to-do list to order for fall shipping.

I hope doing it in layers from tallest to shortest will help make it look nice. I'm don't have a landscape architect's eye or knowledge, so there's a lot of guesswork here.

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