Sep 9, 2014

Starting the Mailbox Garden (sort of)

Our street construction is in full swing. They've dug up 4 feet of our driveway, about 12 inches of our grass and a whole lot of street. We didn't want to start the mailbox garden until after the construction was done, but the butterfly bush I got in July couldn't wait any longer.

Since the mailbox plan was to put the bush directly behind the mailbox for height and we knew they wouldn't go in that far during the construction (based on all the spray paint marks), we decided to plant the butterfly bush early. We'll do the rest of the garden when the construction complete. I dug a hole that was much wider than the pot (more than double, but double is a good rule) and the same depth. For now, the butterfly bush looks pretty happy. 

1 comment:

  1. That sucker's gonna get huge, Alissa. They're so pretty and attract so many butterflies. My dwarf one in the front (same color as yours) self-seeded so I had another one to put out back. Love them.