Oct 8, 2014

Fall Decor + Halloween

Two weeks ago I started getting all the Fall and Halloween decorations out and finally finished this past weekend. Our house is Fall festive and spooky all at once.

I also put up a strand of Halloween lights (pumpkins and ghosts!) over the TV and stairwell railing, sort of like what I do at Christmas with the garlands (only more haphazard). Oliver LOVES it, it’s his favorite part of all the decorations and he’s always asking me to “turn on the pretties.”

Outside it’s all about Halloween. Our neighborhood is really into the holiday and the decorating is almost becoming competitive. This year everyone’s putting out lights and hanging ghosts, inflatables and scary spiders. It’s so festive, we love it.

This year we picked up 3 Halloween signs from the Target dollar spot - witch parking and zombie warnings. They are awesome. We also added a hanging skeleton this year (also from Target) to the mix with the hanging bats and spiders. Last year on clearance after Halloween I found some cute window decals.

We still need to get a few real pumpkins to mix in on the steps, it’s on the list for this weekend.

At night, we swapped out our regular porch bulb for an orange one and it casts such a creepy light. I love it, it’s perfect for the silhouettes of the hanging skeleton/bats/spiders.

We also hung a string of skeleton lights from an old box of decorations I inherited from when I was a kid, they still work! They flash every 6 seconds, which actually makes the zombie signs look even scarier in the dark.

On Halloween night we’ll light up the plastic jack-o-lanterns with fake candles and the real pumpkins with real candles. We’ll also bring out the indoor decorations like the noisy ghost and skull light for the porch. I love Halloween… and it’s even more fun now with a kid who loves it too! (Oliver is not afraid of the scary Halloween decorations. He’s only afraid of our neighbor’s happy fuzzy spider that was made to be preschooler friendly... I don't get it either.)

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