Oct 7, 2014

We're Still Waiting on The Curb...

SIGH. I know I've told this story before. The town was supposed to redo our street and add curbing last Spring. Then it was postponed until Summer. And then finally the crews started working on our street in early September. We were hopeful that it would be done by the time we returned from Cape Cod. Two weeks was plenty of time right...?

We came home to this, and this is how it's stayed since. The trucks have moved on. The signs  are laying on people's lawns. Only the road cones remain, a sign of hope that someday the construction crews will come back and repair the canyons between the curbing blocks and the street in front of our driveways (it's SO hard on our cars!). Everyone's yards are torn up and it looks awful.

As I watch the calendar days slip away, it makes me realize that we probably won't get our mailbox garden done before winter. We're really out of time to transplant everything safely, we could potentially get a frost any day now. Of course I'm really disappointed because now we have to wait for spring to do it. And not just early spring, but spring-spring when everything is up so I know where it is to dig it up. And the delay in seasons will also mean that plants will be smaller next summer because they won't have the fall/early spring to develop their root systems.

The silver lining though is that we do have a new end of our driveway and it looks pretty great. The this part of our driveway was in terrible shape and water really pooled up there and turned to ice in the winter. The new slope and pavement will drain nicely into the street and hopefully we won't have to break up ice dams this winter. Plus - hooray for curbs! the street is going to look so much better. And they have to finish before winter right? Right...?

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