Oct 6, 2014

FHRS: October 2014 Edition

Last Friday I hit my favorite semi-annual sale (the Far Hills Rummage Sale!)... and this year we almost forgot to go. I blame vacation, I am having the worst time keeping track of the dates. We weren't looking for anything specific, but we went to browse. And it’s always fun to go.

What we did need was new beach/pool chairs for next summer. Our chairs were literally on their last legs. The seats got mildewy in our basement and were starting to rip. These are super sturdy, mildew free and are very comfortable! We even found a little chair for Oliver to call his own (which is perfect because he was always stealing our chairs instead of sitting on the blanket).

On the toy front, there was nothing Ollie "needed," but so many great deals. An outdoor rocking horse (he’s so into horses and we have zero room for one in the house), a couple trucks, colored wooden blocks, bubbles, a Mr. Potato Head, Melissa and Doug activities, and a kid’s toy keyboard.

We also got Oliver a globe and we bought some books, because every kid should have a globe and you can never have too many good books to read.

In the kid’s clothing department we got some summer clothes for next year - shorts, rash guards, bathing suits and a lightweight windbreaker jacket. We also got a hoodie and gloves for winter. Now that Oliver is in toddler sizes instead of baby sizes, it’s so much easier to pre-buy because he’ll totally fit in it eventually. Everything we found is baby gap, carter’s and gymboree. Not too bad for $1-2 per item!

Lastly, we got a mini fake Christmas tree, pre-lit. Yes... it’s too early to be thinking about Christmas, but we had to seize the sale. It’s about 3.5 feet tall, but it’s nice and narrow. I’m hoping we can squeeze it into a corner somewhere and be “Oliver’s tree.” He’s very interested and hands-on with everything now, and we can totally picture him toppling the real one. We’re hoping this one can be the focus of his curiosity and enthusiasm instead.

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