Nov 19, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Nothing like a frigid cold snap over the country to motivate us to get our leaky original windows wrapped up in insulating plastic. The biggest offenders are the two windows in the living room, the two back windows in the sunroom/playroom, and the downstairs bathroom.

Before we had the plastic up, I could actually feel the cold air flowing inside. Until we can afford to replace the windows (ouch!) this plastic sheeting actually works really well. The taping part is kind of a pain, but it makes a BIG difference on our energy bills.

Beyond the windows, things are slowly progressing around here. My ankle is getting better and I'm more mobile, but we've also been suffering through some rough sick days (daycare germs!). We did get our Christmas card photographed, designed and ordered - so that was a big check off my to-do list (see 2013, 2012). The photo shoot involved the mini pre-lit Christmas tree we bought in October and my handmade ornaments - since then Oliver has insisted the tree remain up, lit and decorated in the living room.

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