Dec 8, 2014

Christmas Inside in the Daytime

I've always loved Christmas, we decorate our house every year. This year we've definitely added to it now that we have a toddler that loves Christmas. There's something special in every room of the house.

One of the new strands of lights is in the playroom, strung around the chandelier with snowflakes.

The new little tree (aka "Oliver's tree") has the ornaments and tree skirt I made. Oliver likes to add his favorite ornaments from the big tree to this one, and sometimes his toys. You have no idea how many little matchbox cars are stuffed between those branches.

To keep our three mini trees child-safe (no small breakable or swallowable ornaments!) we wrapped them with red tinsel and ribbons.

Oliver's room has white lights strung up and its so pretty at night!

On Oliver's door we have a bag hanging for "Notes from the North Pole" from his Elf on a Shelf. At this age he gets treats (like a mini candy cane) from Buddy when he's especially good. When he's older he can get notes from Santa and other fun things.

I have a little tin box and inside I keep a piece of every Christmas tree we've had for several years.

When I open the box it smells really good!

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