Dec 5, 2014

A Lights Teaser


Just a little holiday lights teaser... next week will be chock full of our annual holiday decor posts. the house has been decorated for a while but it just isn't finished until the tree is up. We picked up our Christmas tree last night and are decorating it this weekend.

This year has been SO much fun already. Oliver is now old enough to be really excited about Christmas, which only fuels my love of all things Christmas in December even more. We're doing our Advent calendar and  Elf on a Shelf (our elf's name is Buddy of course) and it only took 3 movie viewings and 2 mornings before Oliver started looking for Buddy first thing in the morning, every morning. I have a hard enough time (already!) remembering to move buddy every night, so I'm not very creative setting up little scenes or anything. But Oliver's also only 2, so finding Buddy riding a reindeer or the Christmas train is hilarious and amazing enough. Plus once Buddy starts "doing" truly awesome feats then it becomes expected... so we can wait until he's older.

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