Jan 28, 2015

New Light & Switch in The Hallway

Mike swapped out the old ugly brass light for the new light we purchased (over a year ago!) at Ikea. In some homes brass looks beautiful, but nothing about this brass light was working here.

The new light was installed quickly and easily. We still have two more lights just like this one earmarked for the stairwell (when we get around to it). The circular cap that covers where the light attaches at the ceiling on the new light was much smaller than the brass, so Mike had to tape and patch and paint once the new light was installed.

I really love it. I want to install these lights throughout the whole house now! The white glass pattern looks great with the wallpaper and the glass “bead” at the top of the light (on the cord) looks like the glass door knobs. I can’t believe the light came from Ikea and was so affordable.

Mike changed out the light switch when he did the light. The clean white switch looks so much better than the black. We can’t believe we waited so long to change these - it’s like a whole new room now!

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