Jan 27, 2015

Upstairs Hall: Re-hanging Artwork

With the trim painted, the hallway was finally ready to rehang the artwork. At the end of the hall, I kept the picture ledge arrangement the way it was before. I am happy the way it is right now, though I love the flexibility of the ledge to change it whenever I want. We also put our wedding photo back in the middle space of the hallway.

At the top of the stairs though, the small Mucha print was too small for the space. It was always meant as a placeholder, and we had some artwork from the office that recently became homeless. I put together a little arrangement, like an extension of the gallery wall going up the stairs.

The photos aren’t final, they are placeholders until I find something I want to hang more - the colors looked good with the map and prints. I like the arrangement of frames though and the mix of brown stain shades. I tried it with a few more frames but it became busy - right now this feels balanced in person.

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