Feb 25, 2015

2015 Other Gardening Plans

When the weather warms up I can’t wait to get outside and get my hands dirty in the garden. As always I have plans for the yard, this year in yard diagram form! Here’s our yard (updated last year) and what I want to tackle:

First of course there’s the rest of the fall yard cleanup I didn’t finish, then the usual weeding and mulching. I also have one more garden bed to widen (I got like 90% done last year and this back section wasn’t a priority). I want to plant the butterfly weed in the front mailbox garden, the asparagus in the back yard. Dahlia bulbs in the bare spots. I want to plant a few pots of flowers for the patio. And most importantly I’m hoping that all the beautiful plants we have come back after such a hard winter.

I also want to make use with what we have already. In our front yard, the astilbe plants are now so big they are crowding out my shrubs. I’d like to break them apart and move some around. There are some other plants in the back that need to be moved around as well. Last summer I saved sweet pea seeds and I’d like to try to grow some in the way back of our yard where we get irises and an array of other plants and flowers. It’s very wet back there so I don’t know if they would grow, but I think it would look really pretty against the fence.

Now... if it would just warm up a little outside...

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