Mar 3, 2015

Basement Boxes finally Reorganized

This isn’t really blog worthy or photo worthy, but I needed the motivation to finally get all the boxes organized down in the basement from my childhood. It was one of my big winter to-dos along with the upstairs hallway. It’s one of those emotional (everything has a memory attached to it!) and tedious (SO much stuff!) tasks that would have been easy to put off forever, so I’m relieved it’s finally done. The garbage bags are gone, the donation bags are lined up by the door, and the rest is organized in tubs.

The final task on our winter to-do list with the basement is the lighting/outlets. The fridge and freezer should be on their own circuit, so we need to add another outlet on that side. Then on the other side of the basement we desperately need another outlet or two over there for the electronics on the media cabinet.

And while he’s doing electrical, it’s time to address the lighting situation when we first come down there stairs - the light controlled by the switch at the top of the stairs turns on the light by the washer and dryer. Since splitting up the basement, it leaves the area when you first come down the stairs really dark at night. In the top photo I have the camera flash on because it would be impossible to see without it. In the second photo you get a better sense of how dark it really is.

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