Mar 9, 2015

Over the Rainbow

Last week I didn't post much, but it was just one of those weeks. I ran out of steam, there weren't enough hours in the day. Last week by the numbers went like this...

3 colds (all of us)
1 doctor visit (Oliver)
1 double ear infection (Oliver)
2 full time jobs that were extra demanding
3 snow storms
1 full snow day and 2 delayed openings
3 freelance projects between Mike and me (his is done, mine are not)
1 dentist appointment
6 degrees in the morning (that is REALLY cold for NJ in March)
3 serious cases of cabin fever 
1 baby blanket that had to get finished for a little girl due very soon

The baby blanket came out cute though and I'm glad to be finished. I went with a rainbow theme (quite possibly because St. Patrick's Day is coming up).

The good news is that weekend was just what we needed to catch up, recover, clean the house, get some sunshine, start new projects around the house, see our friends and family, and get through the time change (yay to more light and ugh to losing sleep).

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