Mar 31, 2015

Rolling Plants Stands

Last weekend I went with a friend to do a big IKEA shop. I had a really long list, mostly little things that are just so much cheaper and better at the IKEA marketplace. Like their big fat straws in bright colors that are perfect for smoothies. And tea lights and colorful napkins.

The main purpose of our trip were some kid-centric things for Oliver (potty training seat, a crib sized pillow + cases because he hates big twin sized ones, a couple of birthday toys, replacement kid plates because half our other set went missing) and stuff for our master bedroom project (which I'll get into in another post). I also wanted to get inexpensive plant stands on wheels. We have one and it's fantastic, but they were so expensive on amazon I never bought more until I realized IKEA had them for like a third of the price. THEN I found these on clearance for $2 each. JACKPOT. Now I have enough rolling plant stands for all my big pots! (Sadly they don't have these on their website.)

They came together really easily and seem surprisingly sturdy. It's so nice to be able to easily move my heavy trees and plants around now for vacuuming. It will be even nicer when I can roll them outside to get sunshine when the weather warms up. I won't keep them on the stands outside though once they go out for the summer, I'm not sure how they would fare out in the elements full time.

I still keep the pads underneath the stands in case of water leakage to protect the floor. I don't mind if the stands get dirty, but I definitely need to protect our wood floors!

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