Apr 3, 2015

Happy Easter!

At some point I swear I will be better about posting. Last week was crazy. This week is crazy. Next week will be crazy. It’s just hard to keep up sometimes. Last week we had preschool interviews scheduled… and then Oliver got sick with an ear infection and a bad cough, tummy pains and a fever for 3 days. Work was missed, daycare was missed. Interviews cancelled and rescheduled for this week and next. I’m nervous we could be spending our summer (and even the fall) on wait lists. My jawbone fitness tracker died, my favorite jeans got a hole in them. A red popsicle melted on the living room rug and I can’t get all of the stain out. Georgia pulled a muscle in her leg and can’t go up or down stairs and has to be carried everywhere. Then over the weekend I caught Oliver’s cold and it’s plagued me all week, when my regular daytime job has been extra-hectic and freelance projects that should be finished kept popping back up. Our house is SUPER messy and I had to work half of last weekend. I don’t want to sound like I’m whining, it’s all minor, but lots of minor things still add up to feeling overwhelmed. Laying down black plastic and putting together simple plants stands becomes the highlight of the week.

Easter is this weekend, our plans are simple. Stay healthy, clean the house enough for family to come over, make brunch ahead of time and enjoy the holiday. We’re going to dye eggs with Oliver, wear bunny ears, go on multiple Easter egg hunts, and spend time with family.

Oliver’s Easter basket is pretty simple this year. Every year he gets a fun felt basket. Inside this year he gets a chocolate bunny, classic jelly beans and mini cadbury eggs. He also gets a fun stuffed blue bunny and bubbles. The Easter bunny is also leaving a small toy (amazon box didn't arrive yet), but nothing fancy since his birthday is coming up in June.

Georgia also gets a toy and the only treats that don’t bother her sensitive stomach, but I ran out of time to give her pretty packaging. I’m pretty sure she won’t mind though.


(White lace metal container is from my recent trip to IKEA, part of the skurar series - $2.50 on clearance!)

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