Apr 27, 2015

Outside This Week

So much to do, so little time these days. The garden and yard are coming together in tiny pieces. I need to carve out some bigger chunks of time to do some serious mulching and get the raised garden ready for planting.

In the meantime, the fig trees have been unwrapped and look like they are still alive (there's green wood in the twigs).

We are out of twine but I wanted to put together the pea trellis and didn't have time to run to Home Depot. I decided to use leftover green yarn - hopefully the vines can grab onto it. The peas have sprouted but are still tiny.

Also the tomato seedlings are getting really tall! Over the weekend we had temperatures dip below freezing two nights in a row and some snow flakes, so we definitely need to wait until couple of weeks before planting the garden this year. (And that's probably a good thing considering how behind I am on the yard!)

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