Apr 29, 2015

Picture Ledge in Master Bedroom

Weeks ago I wrote that the master bedroom was the next big thing on our to-do list... and then barely wrote about it since (with the exception of finding free nightstands). I could make excuses and tell you all about all the boring things I've gotten done like organizing and putting way winter coats and boots and scarves, or cleaning out and putting away the humidifiers. Cleaning the washing machine and vacuuming the dryer vent.... and all sorts of fun spring cleaning things.

At IKEA I bought a picture ledge to go over the dresser mirror. I was going to wait until the wall was repainted, but it wore me down. I looked at it day after day after day... until finally I decided why not just put it up and enjoy it now? All it took was a level, the drill and 3 screws.

Of course styling it takes a lot longer. I'm not in love with the current set of frames and images, but it works for now. The watercolor was done by my mother, so it has a lot of sentimental value. The baby photos of Oliver, a picture of Georgia. I think I'll continue to play around with it until it looks "right" to me, but that will take some time.

It's nice to have the shelf up though.

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