May 15, 2015

Yard Plans & Minor Updates

Back in February I posted our yard plans for this year. There were no major plans included, just a visual aid to what changes I was thinking of making to the gardens.

So far most of this is done. The sweet pea seeds are planted in the way back, the dahlias are planted by the fence, the asparagus and butterfly weed were planted back in April when they arrived. I've even added a few additional flower seeds in some of  the beds. I'm almost done with the flower pots.

Still on the list - we'll widen the back garden bed by the blueberries when we mulch back there. We're  actually holding off on the astilbe because we actually have to get some work done on our porch first and we're not sure how it will effect the surrounding plants. We have dry rot in the posts that go up to the roof so we need to get them replaced, and we also need to replace our stair treads. We definitely want to get a contractor for the posts (and replace the wood with composite), and anything on top of that we still have to price out (because if we have to we can do the treads ourselves).

In 2015, this spring we have a couple more new things in the yard as well... Oliver's new playhouse and his birthday swing set that will soon be going up. I also added in our newer furniture and the new(ish) curb.

The swing set will be going up in a couple of weeks, I'll share more about it then. We put a lot of thought into the set we picked out and I'm so excited about it!

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