Jun 30, 2015

The Nightstands are Finished

I am so excited to say that the newly redone and matching nightstands in the master bedroom are done! I lamented last week about how it was taking forever (lack of time and good weather), but after a week of letting the finish cure and harden, we finally put them in our bedroom over the weekend.

I know doing dark stained drawer fronts with a painted white cabinet isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it was right for us in this room right now to help balance all of the white and wood finishes. Plus these nightstands were free, so I felt a little bit more confident and empowered to experiment.

On Mike’s side we put a lined basket in the cubby to corral all of his electronics and cords and gadgets. The basket was originally used on my side, it was underneath the table (and held books!). On my side, the nightstand cubby holds books because I always seem to have books everywhere no matter how much I try to keep everything organized.

I love the knobs. I really love the knobs. They compliment the room, look great with the white paint and wood stain, and are just so darn pretty. 

I really feel like the room is coming together now. The finishing touch will be to finally get the crown molding up, but this is just such an improvement. I'm so happy with the way the nightstands came out!

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