Jul 1, 2015

New Fire Pit

For our shared birthdays this year, we upgraded our old fire pit (that was incredibly dangerous for small children - the whole thing got really hot, there was no safety screen/cover or barrier - a child could just walk into flames) to a fire table. We will still have to use a lot of caution and full supervision when using the fire table, but it definitely isn't quite as much of a death trap (though will still probably be mostly used for adult-only events).

The outer table rim is supposed to stay cool even when there's a fire - definitely good if a little one gets too close. This one also comes with a full grated cover to keep little hands out of the flames. And when it's not in use it converts into a coffee table... Mike would actually like to turn the table into a propane fire table long term with those special fire glass beads, which would eliminate all of the issues we have with wood smoke (like triggering asthma). But that's a project for another day.

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