Aug 6, 2015

The Painted Porch

The new porch posts are painted, the railings are repainted, and I’ve caulked the gaps… The porch looks really good now! Paint makes a really big difference - it’s impossible to tell in the photos but the posts no longer look like plastic. Once they are painted they look like wood - everything really blends now!

Mike also oiled the porch floor with a few coats of teak oil - it always makes the wood look so dark and lovely.

Originally I was planning on painting the left side against the house and give the concrete a fresh coat of white paint too (it needs it…), but I ran out of white exterior paint. We have a ton of gray porch and floor paint, so the gray side got a fresh coat of gray. I don’t love it because they don’t match, but it looks better than it did before - at least this is clean. When I get another can of exterior we can start repainting the foundation and I can think about repainting this side white to blend into the house.

It's a work in progress... there's always so much to do and so little time!

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