Aug 3, 2015

Seizing The Summer 2015: August Check In

I can't believe it's already August! June and July have FLOWN by. We've had a wonderful and busy two months, I can happily say we've really been enjoying the summer. Our weekends are jam packed with outings and activities and we try to fit in something fun in most weeknights too - a trip to the pool (we actually like it much better on weeknights when it's quiet), a bike ride, playing with neighborhood friends, playing in the blow up baby pool in the backyard with a homemade water slide. Popsicles and ice cream and fresh produce from our garden and farmer's markets. Sunshine, water and copious amounts of sunscreen.

So now that the summer is half over, it's time to check in on our summer lists.

Fun things:

1. Go to the beach 3+ more times before September
2. Continue to use our local zoo membership and go once a month
3. Once the pool opens in July, go to the pool at least 2x times per week (We've been going 3-4 times a week!)
4. "Host" a neighborhood wide water balloon fight for the kids with sprinklers and water balloons 
5. Take Oliver out for an ice cream cone  (more than once!)
6. Have dinner alfresco on the patio under the globe lights

Making things:

1. Homemade ice cream and popsicles  (yum!)
2. Fresh salsa, gazpacho and marinara with tomatoes from the garden (not enough tomatoes for marinara yet)
3. Refrigerator pickles with cucumbers from the garden (so easy and good!)
4. (Newly added) While the flower cutting bed in the garden is blooming, keep fresh flowers in the house (I love bouquets of zinnias and dahlias!)

House projects on the other hand we've had a harder time with... there aren't enough hours in the day to do it all. We will definitely get the driveway and garage done this month because we have to


What we have to do this summer:
  1. Repair and seal the driveway. This winter was a doozy and left our driveway with hills and dips, cracks and all sorts of problems. 
  2. Repair the porch with a contractor. The posts are rotted, the stairs are rotting and I'm afraid the porch roof is going to fall down on us. We're hiring a professional for this one. 
  3. Finish reorganizing the garage. 
What I want to do this summer:
  1. Put crown molding up in our master bedroom 
  2. Refinish the master bedroom nightstands 
Projects we've started and need to finish:
  1. Finish the electrical in the basement - lights and outlets
  2. And once the electrical is done, clean up the basement and reorganize a bit
  3. Finish the electrical in the attic (but we'll have to wait for Fall it's too hot now)
  4. Install stairwell lights (also have to wait for cooler weather)

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