Sep 4, 2015

Busted Waterworks

I've always like our garden watering setup... until it fell apart! First our giant 100 ft hose broke. One minute it was fine, just sending water from our house to the garden behind the garage... and then BAM! I heard a loud pop and there was a geyser shooting a stream of water 20 feet into the air and into my neighbor's backyard. One day after, the hose nozzle for our regular shorter (50 ft) hose (the one we use to water the rest of the flowers and pots) busted and started spraying water everywhere from 10 different spots. The next day the faucet splitter started leaking. Seriously! When it rains it pours.

While I knew it wouldn't stop the leak, but I put yellow duct tape on the hose. It still lets out a lot of water but at least now it's into the grass instead of into the air and neighbor's yard.

I think the hose and splitter were 4 years old, though the hose nozzle was still fairly new. I'm sure if we had bought nicer they would have lasted longer, but they are so expensive. Plus our water is so hard here I don't want to bother with fancy nozzles and faucets because they will get ruined anyway.

We did go ahead and bought a new (inexpensive) hose nozzle because I consider that essential for watering. We looked at Home Depot at faucet splitters too but they didn't have one we liked because it was the end of the season... Now I'm debating what to do with our hose. Do we replace it? And if we do, now or in the spring? Or do we try our luck with silicone tape? I've heard it doesn't last long but it would buy us more time. I've heard really good things about sugru, but it seems a little expensive for repairing a hose? We should probably just buy a new one...

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