Aug 26, 2015

Driveway Sealed

One thing we can finally check off our Summer Project To-Do List is the driveway. Or at least the front half of the driveway, which is the half that absolutely needed to get done. Last winter was brutal and the freezing and refreezing with the weight of the cars caused several bumps and valleys, a lot of cracks and one really big crumbling dip that was so bad Mike had to fill it with a bag of asphalt. We also had new driveway poured at the end of our driveway last Fall when the had the new curbing installed and I read that it needs to cure for a few months and then be sealed (and since the driveway didn't go in until October, there was no way to seal it before winter last year).

We finally had a few days that were cool enough to make the job bearable with no rain in the forecast, so it was finally time to get it done. Lots of prep work, 3 big cans of sealant and 1 bag of asphalt later, the driveway is in much better shape. In the pictures below the big asphalt patch is still drying. I actually kind of like sealing the driveway, it's very zen for me like one of those Japanese gardens with the sand and the rake.

The backyard half of the driveway is actually in good shape. There's one crack that needs to be filled, but that's it. We could spend the time and money doing the whole driveway, but we can worry about that next year. Yes there is an ugly new-to-old sealant seam right behind where the driveway gate is, but no one is going to notice that because the gate looks terrible anyway and draws all the attention. The fencing we bought from Home Depot just a few years ago is already rotting away and needs to be replaced (even with the stain! I'm so annoyed!), and the broken posts look terrible. It's on our list for the Fall... with so many other things!

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