Oct 15, 2015

Feels Like Halloween!

It feels like Halloween outside! As Oliver gets older, he gets more and more excited about holidays and his enthusiasm is contagious. Every year we do a little bit more.

Our whole neighborhood goes crazy decorating, our house is very simple and understated compared to several of our neighbors. We decorated our yard very similarly to last year, but with the addition of a new set of spooky tombstones in the grass and spider webbing all over the butterfly bush in the mailbox garden. Our yard looks nice and spooky.

Our porch stairs are lined with pumpkins, the plastic jack-o-lanterns that are wonderfully squirrel proof and then the real pumpkins that will hopefully make it to Halloween uneaten! (Hopefully hairspray and a sprinkling of Georgia fur will be enough to deter them!)

The ghost I made last year returned unscathed (with a ball for a head instead of a balloon). We had shoved it into a tub at the end of the season and it came right back out ready to be hung.

I think the spiderweb adds some great ambiance by the mailbox.

At night you can see that we replaced our porch bulb once again with the spooky orange bulb to cast an eerie glow...

We can't wait for Halloween!

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