Oct 20, 2015

We love Cape Cod

Back in September we went on vacation to Cape Cod. We had an amazing trip - the weather was so warm it felt like summer and we spent tons of time on the beach, walking, biking and exploring, shopping and kayaking. Even Oliver fell in love with kayaking this year. It was a magical two weeks and I wish I was back there right now!

Everything about Cape Cod is so beautiful. We just love it up there.

Oliver made friends with hermit crabs on the beach...

And here's Oliver kayaking! He's only 3 so his lessons were short and sweet, but he was really good! When we really went out he sat in the  jump seat of one of our kayaks.

We also visited this uninhabited island that can only be reached by boat, the only residents are seals. Supposedly there are a lot of great white sharks around in the water so we dare didn't go swimming. Those little gray heads bobbing in the water and shadows are seals! Our tiny boat was surrounded by them in the water - it was so cool.

The island itself was beautiful. The dunes are constantly moving so the island is always changing - it's really cool.

 Anyone with a vacation house on The Cape want to lend it to use for a couple of weeks?

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