Nov 5, 2015


For years now I have wanted to plant some more bulbs for early spring flowers, but I never remember to do it at the right time. It’s always midwinter or early spring when I think of it! It’s hard to remember in autumn when our yard is still so lush and full of plants, then we get busy clearing things out after the frosts and I’m so caught up in pulling things out that I forget.

This year though I’ve finally remembered at the right time. I treated myself to a bag of daffodil bulbs and tulips. We already have quite a few daffodils in the back from the previous owner, but I wanted to add some more color back there with the tulips. Tulips and tulip bulbs are delicious to deer, but we haven’t had those in our backyard since our next door neighbors got a tall privacy fence, so I’m hopeful that these won’t get eaten. I added the daffodils to the front yard, especially in the mailbox garden bed - it looks quite dreary in the early spring because everything in there is summer and fall blooming.

There's really nothing to see right now, just some misplaced mulch... but in the spring it's going to be beautiful! (I hope!)

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