Nov 20, 2015

Garden & Yard Cleanup

We've been cleaning up the yard and garden beds, all the boring but necessary Fall cleanup duties. The leaves are (mostly) cleaned up. I planted my spring bulbs and pulled up all the dahlias. We pulled up all the dead plants and composted everything but the peonies, which instead were bagged for removal (peonies are poisonous to other plants). The backyard and front yard beds are now in good shape for winter.

In the raised bed garden, we (finally!) pulled up all the dead plants. We'll overwinter the thyme and oregano as always and move it in the spring. And we still need to pull up the carrots with Oliver. We thought we had enough black plastic to cover the beds for winter, but we only had enough for two to start. We have another roll on our shopping list.

I'm relieved that the big outdoor projects are almost done. All we have left is to wrap the fig trees (they got so big we need more materials - also on the shopping list!), put the rest of the black plastic down in the raised bed garden and put the furniture and toys away for winter before it snows (probably in December).

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