Dec 9, 2015

Indoor Lights and Decorations

Not a lot has changed the past few years in our house with the decorations. If it works and makes us happy, why change it?

Like last year, we did a strand of white lights in Oliver's room. I never took the nails out of the wall so this year it look about 45 seconds to hang it up. Oliver loves having special Christmas lights in his room over his bed.

On the stairs we did our usual lighted garlands. They looks so pretty at night and during the day.

In the playroom we mixed white lights and paper snowflakes again on the yellow chandelier. I like that they make the room feel cozy and festive without getting in the way of any of the toys or play.

Our tree is always a mishmash of fun ornaments, a menagerie of animals and colored lights. I've never been good at those beautiful formal trees that color-coordinate and look gorgeous, but our trees always have a lot of personality and are chock full of memories. 

Oliver still has his own mini tree. It's the artificial tree we bought at the rummage sale over a year ago that we've use as a Christmas card prop. I have to admit it went up early this year (like before Thanksgiving) at Oliver's insistence. We used it in our holiday card again this year and I didn't have the heart to put it away in the attic for a few weeks when Oliver wanted his tree up in the living room so badly.

We did our usual garlands over the bookcases and cabinets...

We're showcasing Oliver's school and home "artwork" from past years on the mirrors in the dining room - his school projects are just so festive and adorable. Handprints for reindeer antlers, mistletoes with footprints, etc.

In some spots of the house like the kitchen and upstairs hall we just have a red bow to add a little color and holiday cheer. I like to have a little something in each room!

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