Jan 27, 2016

Big Boy Room Bedding

Figuring out bedding for Oliver’s room was tough. There are lots of adorable options out there but a lot of them are really expensive. With a new baby coming (double daycare!) we’re on a tight budget for this room. Plus little kids grow so fast and their tastes change so quickly - just because he loves space or dinosaurs now doesn’t mean he will love it in a year or two. Even if I went with something timeless, it’s hard to spend $300 on a quilt, even if it’s gorgeous, when little kids can make such messes on their beds. Ideally I wanted to pick something out that wouldn’t be the end of the world if it got ruined from all the gross things that happen with kids.

The bedding needed to be a lightweight quilt or coverlet, Oliver is a hot sleeper and he will roast under a duvet + duvet cover combo. We were looking for a solid, stripe or classic geometric pattern that wouldn’t go out of style (I didn’t really want plaid, chevron or dots). I was also hoping it would be soft and less than $50 for a twin. I scoured sales and my favorite stores, but I couldn’t find anything that fit the bill.

I was starting to get desperate… and then we were strolling through Target and walked by the kid’s bedding isle. They had some really cute sheet sets on display for a big bedding sale, and a friend of mine recently raved about how soft and lightweight they were (her kids are also hot sleepers). We were browsing and Oliver fell in love with a set white sheets that had navy blue stars that matched his dark blue ceiling. A ceiling he was very proud of since he helped paint it himself. And while we were looking at sheets I noticed they had a few quilts tucked away - I was immediately drawn to the solid green and solid navy blue ones. Timeless and classic colors, super soft, and the price was perfect at $27 for a twin on sale. I let Oliver pick between navy blue and green - he chose green, his current favorite color.

I think the leaf green will look great in the room - it coordinates well with the yellow and navy blue. Doing the bedding and ceiling navy blue probably would have been too much blue! To tie everything together I’d like to find a navy blue throw pillow that ties the ceiling color into the bed - I think that would be the right balance.

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