Jan 25, 2016

The Bedroom Ceiling Painted

The office/bedroom ceiling is painted! The navy blue looks as good in person as I hoped it would. Mike did a great job. He used a paint and primer in one (Benjamin Moore's Regal Select), so he was able to do the whole thing in only two coats without primer. The second coat was barely needed except in a few spots where we could see streaks in bright light.

It’s really dark, but this room gets a ton of light to make up for it. The ceiling also looks MUCH higher now too - I love it. It also makes the room feel a lot more masculine. I think it really needs the crown molding - not only because we did a loose line between the two (knowing we would do molding), but also to make everything pop.

Oliver also LOVES it. He wasn’t totally crazy about the color before we started (he wanted a “green and purple” ceiling), but now blue is his “favorite.” Mike let Oliver help paint, which made a huge difference in empowering him and embracing the change. He was so incredibly proud of himself and the ceiling, it really helped him take ownership of the room. Now he wants to show all his friends and move in right away.

The one downside?

Whoops. Oliver dropped the roller while helping in a spot where we didn't have a drop cloth. Mike spent an hour cleaning it, but navy blue paint on beige carpet is impossible. On the plus side it’s in the corner behind the door so most of it is easily hidden. Or we could attempt to cut this piece out (it’s the corner so it wouldn’t be hard) and replace it with a piece of spare carpet we have stored. Honestly it’s not a big deal and totally worth the sense of pride Oliver has for the ceiling. I'd rather he be excited about moving in than have a perfect carpet.


  1. I have found dousing paint with rubbing alcohol and scrubbing with a brush will remove the spill, but remember to do a test piece first to ensure it doesn't alter the carpet color.

    1. Thanks for the tip! We'll have to try it - it can't be any worse than it already is! :)