Feb 10, 2016

Time for Bed...!

Once the crown molding was finished, we were finally ready to put together Oliver’s “big boy bed” which is a twin bed using my childhood bed frame from when I was his age. It’s dark wood so it blends well with the room. The bed also has a trundle that goes underneath it. Lovely friends of ours brought over a spare mattress from their guest room/office that they didn't need anymore, so we only had to order a trundle mattress, which was great. The trundle will be fun for sleepovers when he's a little older.

I think the bedding Oliver picked out looks good! The star sheets blend great with the ceiling color and I think the green works well with the palette. I think the bed could really use a navy blue throw pillow to bring it all together - it’s now on my list of things to find (preferably a pillow cover because we have enough pillows in our house).

1 comment:

  1. Looks good! That Weston Flax acts as a neutral, doesn't it? I love it on my house's exterior.