Feb 8, 2016

"Wild" Valentines

Last year for Valentine’s Day I made inexpensive homemade Valentines with dinosaur erasers from Target. I really liked the way they came out and they were so easy to do!

This year in Oliver’s preschool he has more kids than ever to give to, so I definitely wanted to do something easy, inexpensive and candy free. I was really excited when I found these tiny circus animals in the party section of Target and they are perfect at $5 for 24. (Note: the website says 16 animals, but there are really 24 in the box)

I designed and printed simple cards on our home printer, then cut them out.

I punched tiny holes with a thumb tack, then used white stretchy string (the kind used to make kid’s bracelets) to tie an animal to each valentine. We made 24 pretty quickly - 4 of each type of animal.

I think they came out cute and most importantly - Oliver is very excited to hand them out this week!

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