Mar 24, 2016

Easter Basket

Oliver’s Easter basket this year looks like this:

I love the inexpensive felt baskets from Target, they are just so cute! This year they had these blue and pink bunny ones I couldn't resist. There's plenty of chocolate and candy - while it will be rationed, it wouldn't feel like Easter without some treats. As Oliver gets older he knows about candy and he's looking forward to it - I remember the same feeling when I was a kid! The jelly beans will actually go in the plastic eggs that the Easter Bunny will hide. Lastly there are a few non-edible goodies - a dinosaur puzzle (not shown), a robot lacing kit and a bug lit flashlight because Oliver has been asking for one for a while now (he's afraid of the dark and wants one to help protect him at night). I'm trying to keep it simple this year and not go crazy - I know some families do a lot more (which is of course totally okay!), but I figure Oliver has a birthday coming up soon and he's already so blessed with so much.

Georgia isn't being left out, she is getting a couple of stuffed dog toys. We just have to limit any other treats in her old age, but she will still have a good morning.

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