Mar 21, 2016

Our Traditional Easter Tree

A couple of weeks ago Oliver and I put together our traditional Easter tree of forsythia branches and hanging Easter eggs. I shared an early picture of it here. It was really fun this year because he’s finally old enough to really help and I love his enthusiasm when it comes to our “special projects.”

I trimmed off the extra long branches from the forsythia bush in the backyard (good thing I was too miserable with morning sickness to give it a decent trim last fall) and Oliver held the branches for me. We put them into a vase of water in the house and Oliver hung the plastic eggs with fishing line loops (and I rehung the eggs when he put too many on one branch and they slipped off). He was so proud and it was so much fun!

A couple weeks later the forced branches finally bloomed! It looks so pretty! Oliver checked on them every day to see if they were yellow yet, it was so sweet. Of course it’s blooming a little too early for the actual holiday (the flowers will be long gone by Sunday), but it doesn’t matter - more important to have fun and do the family traditions that make holidays so much more special.

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