Mar 15, 2016

Nursery Plans

The woodland nursery is going to remain a woodland nursery with the same furniture, layout, and many of the same decorations. The gallery wall of woodland animal prints will remain, the pocket shelves will remain. The birds on the big branch mobile hanging from the ceiling had to go. It’s been incredibly hard to dust and after almost 4 years the branch started to really degrade. I salvaged the birds (they just needed a run through the washer in a mesh bag), but it’s time for a new mobile.

Here's the nursery in its current state since Oliver moved out:

I  need to take the family tree bird print I made for Oliver (it moved to his new room) and make a new one for this guy. I also need to get a couple new frames for the wall and add in some new art. I’m  also going to fill out the bookshelves with a few more decor items, though I’m hoping to mostly “shop” our own decor boxes I keep in rotation.

Luckily most of the nursery worked really well for us for 3.5 years. The rocking chair is the perfect size for the room. The storage ottoman made a perfect side table or foot stool and I stashed all sorts of things in there. The crib worked great. The bookshelves were perfect for storage. The dresser/changing pad combination has been very efficient.

  • Disassemble the toddler bed and put it into storage
  • Rebuild the crib
  • Wash cushions/pillows/covers in the room
  • Find and hang a new mobile
  • Create baby his own family tree bird print
  • Finish baby blanket for baby
  • Organize and wash baby clothes, fill up dresser and closet
It’s really not that bad at all, considering how much work the nursery was the first time around. I’m glad we were able to smoothly transition Oliver to a new (bigger and more exciting) room so we could reuse this room the same way again. It worked really well for us the first time!

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