Mar 10, 2016

Georgia Says Hello

It's been forever since I've shared pictures of Georgia or an update on my little old lady. Recently someone emailed me and asked if she was sick or passed away since it had been so long!

Georgia is very much still alive, a cranky but pampered old girl. She has arthritis, year-round allergies, acid reflux and a very sensitive stomach - but other than that she is in very good health for her age and breed (she'll be 11 in June).  Recently she gave us a little scare, which led to a full panel of blood tests at the vet and several hundred dollars later we learned that she was totally fine. She just needs some new fancy reflux pills and cans of ridiculously expensive dog food added to her regime. I need to get her one of those AM-PM weekly pill cases to keep up with all her medications, just like human seniors.

Georgia has definitely slowed down though. It's been gradual and totally normal for her age. She starts to limp if we do more than a walk around the block, and it's a rare occasion when she runs around the backyard. These days Georgia prefers to lay in the grass and chew on the onion grass sprouting up instead of chasing a ball. She can't eat anything anymore that isn't her special dog food or one specific kind of treat we put her pills in. But she's happy. She loves her stinky new expensive food, she loves her treats. Georgia loves being outside, sunbathing and sleeping in the grass. She loves going out for her walks, even if they are shorter. The quality of life is there and that's the most important thing. We know that she's old and she won't be around forever, but we are enjoying every minute of whatever we have left. Georgia will always be my first baby.

(This last one was taken back in February but she looks so sweet and happy in the snow)

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  1. Glad to know she's in good health! I know what you mean - my cats are almost 16 and they've definitely slowed down. I was joking that I need to build handicapped ramps for them to jump on the couches and beds. They don't kill much of anything anymore (including the mice in the house!) and sleep a lot, but I so love them!